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Our site was down for a couple hours. At 12:19 PM EDT our site lost power. We were able to become fully operational by 16:14 PM EDT.
Once again it has been an awesome year. We have a lot to be thankful for. We would like to thank our customers and services providers for their continuing support. Special thanks are in order for.

Jesus Christ, our Lord & Saviour. Without His input & guidance, we wouldn't be here. Period. Truly without Christ it would just be Media.


Ontario Telephone Co. for the internet link.
1&1 Hosting for registering the domain.
Shorewall for the firewall.
The staff of Finger Lakes Technologies Group for keeping the internet link running.
Mike from for providing THE exhaustive list of China's and Korea's net blocks.
The providers of these excellent blocklists.
Spamhaus Spam Cop
And Finally, the opensource community who provides so much excellent software. Without the contributions of these individuals & companies it would be impossible to run a site economically.
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